1.1  Background to wave intensity analysis
1.2  What is a wave? - sequential wavefronts vs. sinusoids
1.2a  What is a wave? - continued
1.3  Is the cardiovascular system in steady state oscillation?
1.4  Nomenclature
Mathematical background
2.1  Method of characteristics     {mathematical details}
2.2  Wave speed
Wave intensity
3.1  Definition of wave intensity
3.2  A simple example
Separation of forward and backward waves
4.1  Water hammer equations
4.2  Wave separation
Reservoir-wave hypothesis
5.1  The definition of the reservoir pressure
5.2  Calculation of the reservoir pressure
5.3  Some examples of reservoir pressure
Reflection and transmission of waves
6.1  The derivation of the reflection and transmission coefficients
6.2  Wave trapping
6.3  Evidence of wave trapping in the arteries
Determining wave speed
7.1  PU-loop measurements
7.2  Sum of squares measurements
Applications of wave intensity analysis
8.1  iFR (Instantaneous Wave-free Ratio
Annotated bibliography
9.1  Bibliography of wave intensity papers